Episode 42: A Merry Christmas Song Sampler!

Updated: 3 days ago

Let's enjoy the beginning of the Christmas season with another Christmas Song Sampler! In today's episode, we look at 10 traditional and modern Spanish Christmas Songs!

Here are 10 popular Christmas songs (in Spanish)!

  1. "Campana Sobre Compana" by Pandora on Spotify

  2. "La Marimorena" by Toti on Spotify

  3. "Alegre Vengo" by Jorge Morel on Spotify

  4. "Canta, Ríe, Bebe" by Coral IES Consuelo Aranda Alberic on Spotify

  5. "Ya vienen los Reyes Magos" by Pica-Pica on Spotify

  6. "Venid y Adoremos" by Tercer Cielo on Spotify

  7. "Todo Lo Que Quiero Eres Tú" by Miriam Rodriguez on Spotify

  8. "24 de Diciembre" by Juan Gabriel on Spotify

  9. "Blanca Navidad" by Andrea Bocelli on Spotify

  10. "5 Pa Las 12" by Camilo on Spotify

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