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 Begin Your Journey to Find Your Language Answers!

"The limits of my language mean the limits of my world."
~Ludwig Wittgenstein



Spanish to English

Translation is a powerful tool; it is the bridge between cultures and languages.

Do you need a guide for crossing this bridge?

I translate documents of all types from Spanish into English, carefully choosing the words that best convey your unique message. 

Begin your journey here!

Translation Services


Do you need editing help with a document or content creation for your new website? Or perhaps you want to hire someone who can help your employees increase their speaking or writing skills? Let me help!

Revision & Proofreading
Content Creation
Language Consultation
Business Development



Are you looking for a way to dive deeper into the grammar, culture and usage of Spanish? Or do you want to practice your Spanish listening skills?

Then join me in my biweekly podcasts, Spanish Answers and Respuestas Inglesas!


You can listen to them on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Play, YouTube, and more!



Are you as an individual looking for help with editing a document, such as a school paper or a personal writeup? Do you need help writing a resume or a LinkedIn profile?  Or perhaps you need tutoring help in English or Spanish?
I can help

Revision & Proofreading
Content Creation
Private Tutoring
Pesonal Development



Hello! My name is Sara Holmes, owner of Language Answers, LLC, and I absolutely love helping others on their language-learning journeys! I believe you should always challenge yourself to pursue your dreams and never stop learning and growing.



I created Language Answers as a place where individuals & small businesses can get help in language editing, creating, tutoring, translation and consulting. While there are many sites that offer excellent services for fast-paced projects, I prefer to help clients who view language creation and learning as a journey rather than a race. Sometimes, the best method is a thoughtful, focused approach to finding the best word choice or developing your language skills. 


I have spent the past couple of years immersed in editing and project coordination as a company proposal writer, as well as providing translation and interpreting services where needed. I have lived in Seville, Spain and in multiple places across the USA, although I currently live near Madison, IN. English is my native language*, but I am fluent in Spanish and am currently learning American Sign Language with my husband and baby girl, as well as German, French, Japanese and Chinese on my own. 



  • B.A. in International Business and Spanish

  • M.L.S. in Global Affairs with a focus on English and Spanish Translation.

About Me



Would you like help in your language journey? Request more information or a free quote by filling out the form below! Thank you for reaching out - I will get back to you within 24-48 hours. :)

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