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Episode 41: Challenging Grammar, 10 Spanish Examples of Homonyms!

Have you ever wondered what word pairs like bow (as in, an arrow) and bow (as in, a ribbon wrapped around a present) are called? The answer is, "Homonyms"! And yes, they have them in Spanish, too! In today's episode, we'll cover 10 examples of Spanish homónimos.


Cultural Tip: 3 Traditions in Mexico

But first, our cultural tip! In today's episode, we focus on 3 Mexican traditions.

  1. The Mexican Hat Dance (Jarabe Tapatio) I would be surprised if you hadn't heard of this traditional dance! Fun music, beautiful dresses, and a flirty dance style, :)

  2. Los Posadas Fitting for the upcoming Christmas season, Los Posadas help commemorate the journey of Mary and Joseph in trying to find a place to stay.

  3. Guelaguetza Festival (July) This famous festival in Oaxaca, Mexico celebrates the diverse traditions and cultures of the states 16 ethnolinguistic groups!

10 Examples of Spanish Homonyms

  1. Banco: a park bench, a bank, or even a shoal. Example sentences: Yo trabajo por un banco. Necesito sentirme en este banco. El pesquero no puede encontrar un banco.

  2. Nada: the third person, present tense of nadar (to swim) or nothing. Example sentences: El nada cada dia de la semana. No tengo nada!

  3. Consejo: advice or a board, like with a business. Example Senteces: Laura me pidio consejo. El consejo de la empresa va a reunirse esta manana.

  4. Para: The imperative tú or the third person, present tense of parar (to stop) or the proposition for. Example Sentences: Tienes un regalito para mi? Para! No ves la señal de pare?

  5. Pata: an animal leg, the paw of a cat/dog, or a female duck. Example Sentences: Los ninos le dieron de comer a la pata. Mi perrito se lastimo la pata. Can also be bad luck - !Que mala pata!

  6. Como: first person, present tense of comer (to eat) or like, since. Example Sentences: Como avena (oatmeal) cada dia. Ella esta actuando como una nina.

  7. Don: a gift or talent, or a term of respect. Example Sentences: Eres un don de Dios. Don Quijote era un hombre interesante.

  8. Sobre: above or on top of, or an envelope. Example Sentences: Pon el papel sobre la mesa. Pon el papel en el sobre y envielo por correo.

  9. Amo: a master or the first person, present tense of amar (to love). Example Sentences: Juan es el amo de la mansion. Te amo, m'hija!

  10. Cara: a face or something is expensive. Example Sentences: No toques mi cara! Esta lampara es muy cara!



Intro and Closing Music by Master_Service from Fiverr

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