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A few notes about the resource library. First, you can click on the images to go to the independent sites (the affiliated links will take you to Amazon). Second, you can hover over the images for more information regarding each resource.  Third, I'm always looking for new language resources, so if you have any suggestions, send me an email! Lastly, enjoy!


Spanish Pottery
Bilingual Avenue

Bilingual Avenue

Marianna Du Bosq

Needing some guidance on how to raise bilingual children? This podcast has some great tips, especially for those wanting to raise children in Spanish and English.

No Hay Tos

No Hay Tos

Beto and Héctor

This fun podcast gives you a window into everyday Mexican Spanish.

Doorway to Mexico

Doorway to Mexico


The creator, Paulina, works with the Baxter family in creating authentic Spanish-speaking scenarios that use real, every-day speech. It's like listening to a fun radio program followed by an educational discussion.

Lightspeed Spanish

Lightspeed Spanish

Gordon Smith and Cynthia Durán

I've used this podcast/youtube series for help when researching some tricky grammatical questions, and found it helpful.



*Please note, this section and the Video/Music section both have affiliated links to Amazon. I only recommend products this way that I have used myself, and which I have found to be useful. (My Disclosure Policy)
 If you are nerdy enough that you enjoy flipping through a physical dictionary, this is great for your language learning! But honestly, the online version is more than enough - I think - for most people's needs. Plus, if you use the online version, you will always have the most recent edition!

Diccionario de la Lengua Española RAE

Real Academia de la Lengua Española de la lengua Española Asociacion de Academias

This is the print version of the official Spanish dictionary, according to the Real Academia Española (RAE).

I wouldn't recommend this book for a native English speaker, although it can be beneficial to see what issues Spanish-speakers face when learning English. It helps to highlight how the languages differ, which can prove useful to any language learner.

Inglés Para Dummies

Gail Brenner

This is a good resource for Spanish speakers trying to learn English! The "Para Dummies" series ("For Dummies") does a good job of breaking down the main concepts and providing interesting examples and explanations.

I got this book to help me with my slang, and it is chalk full of helpful tips, tricks and information!

The Street-Wise Spanish Survival Guide

Eleanor Hamer and Fernando Díez de Urdanivia

This resource (which focuses mainly on Mexican Spanish) is fantastic for learning idioms, sayings, slang, etc. It also provides cultural insights and explanations for those tricky Spanish words (like false cognates).

I personally am a big fan of the Fluent Forever method that Gabe developed, as well as the app he has created! This book has played a large part in my personal language learning adventures!

Fluent Forever

Gabriel Wyner

Gabriel Wyner created a unique language learning method based on a focus on pronunciation, word association, and spaced-repetition memorization. Check out the book to learn more!

While not perfect (I don't think there is such a thing when it comes to Frequency Dictionaries), this is a pretty decent resource. I've used this for several podcast episodes. And if you're not sure which words you want to learn next, this can be a good guide.

Spanish Frequency Dictionary - Essential Vocabulary


If you want to learn the most frequently used words in Spanish, then this is a good resource. By learning the first 2,500 words, you will know the majority of the words that you need for conversational and written Spanish.

While the cover isn't very exciting (it looks like something from the 60s), I love this book. In my mind, it's like the Spanish equivalent to the Strunk & White writing guide (you can find a link for this in the English Resources). It is chalk-full of useful grammar tips, instructions, and examples. It even helps clarify those subtle distinctions, like the difference in meaning between "¿Qué pide ese señor?" and "¿Qué pregunta ese señor?".

Gramática para la composición Segunda Edition

M. Stanley Whitley and Luis González (Author)

Written in Spanish for English-speakers, this resource is for advanced Spanish learners. While written to help students with writing and composition, it is a fantastic grammar guide!

This book is also organized very nicely, making it a great reference tool when you need to find something quickly. It was one of the key reference tools I kept at my desk as a proposal writer.

The Everything Spanish Grammar Book

Julie Gutin

This is a great grammar resource for beginner and intermediate Spanish learners. It really breaks down difficult Spanish concepts in a clear, easy-to-understand approach.

Videos and Music

Videos and Music
This series is one that I recently found thanks to a recommendation from a lady at the Women In Language (WIL) conference 2021. I really like it; I get to learn about Mexican food AND Korean food in an easy-to-follow format!

Cocinando Corea

Yuna Kim

YouTube, Cooking

Are you curious about Mexican cooking, Korean cooking, or just want to immerse yourself in Spanish-speaking content? This channel combines it all! Yuna and her family show everyday Mexico - while also highlighting their own Korean heritage - with lots of cooking videos!

This is one of my favorite YouTube series to watch. I love learning new ways to back and cook things (especially delicious desserts!), and Gris is so fun and creative!

Mis Pastelitos

Gris Verduzco

YouTube, Cooking

Looking for something you can watch in Spanish, to immerse yourself in real, everyday vocabulary? Look no further than this YouTube series by Gris, who weekly comes up with creative ways to cook awesome, fun treats!

Baby Boom Boom's website has a lot of cool language resources for different languages, from Spanish, French, German, Chinese  and even Welsh! (You can find many of their CD albums on Spotify!)

English and Spanish CD

Baby Boom Boom

Music CD

This CD has fun, traditional English nursery rhymes for kids, as well as the Spanish version. It's a great way to teach your child Spanish

I really like this CD; it's just fun to listen to! I also love that the songs are sung in both English and Spanish, within the same track - I think that helps you to learn the language much more easily than if you had to constantly switch between different tracks to figure out the equivalent verbiage of a song. If you have Spotify, you can find the entire thing there!

GoGo Lingo

GoGo Lingo

Music CD

This CD is a fun way to teach your kids Spanish! Instead of traditional songs, GoGo Lingo has created fun and humorous, even a little hip!, songs that are sung in both English and Spanish.

Other Resources


Diccionario de la Lengua Española

Real Academia Española

Online Dictionary

This is the official Spanish dictionary, according to the Real Academia Española (RAE). This link will take you to the online version.

Relearn a Language

Marissa Blaszko

Blog, Language Learning

Marissa has a lot of great resources (and many are free!), and she really dives into her topics.


Shannon Kennedy

Blog, Language Learning

Shannon's blog is full of language-learning resources!

Fluent Forever

Gabriel Wyner

Website, App, Language Learning

Gabriel Wyner created a unique language learning method based on a focus in pronunciation, word association, and spaced-repetition memorization. His website is full of great language learning resources (for multiple languages!).

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