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A few notes about the resource library. First, you can click on the images to go to the independent sites (the affiliated links will take you to Amazon). Second, you can hover over the images for more information regarding each resource.  Third, I'm always looking for new language resources, so if you have any suggestions, send me an email! Lastly, enjoy!


Marianna shares great tips and tricks for raising bilingual kids, as well as interviews with others who can provide insights as well. While the last new podcast was released in 2018, all of the podcasts are still available on Apple Podcasts. 
While Marianna is raising her kids to speak Spanish and English, the podcast focuses on people from all over who are raising their children in many different languages. 
Bilingual Avenue also is a place where you can join an online community for coaching and support with either a monthly or annual subscription.

Bilingual Avenue

Marianna Du Bosq

Needing some guidance on how to raise bilingual children? This podcast has some great tips, especially for those wanting to raise children in Spanish and English.

These two ladies also host the Women in Language conference (with Shannon from Eurolinguiste). These ladies have really influenced my life, for the better! :D

The Fluent Show

Kerstin Cable and Lindsay Williams

This is a fun, energetic, interview-style podcast focused entirely on learning languages!

I've only listened to a few of her podcast episodes, but Grammar Girl is very thorough in her details and explanations. Truthfully, though, I prefer reading her blog to listening to her podcast.

Grammar Girl Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

Grammar Girl (Mignon Fogarty)

Grammar Girl is a fantastic resource whenever you have tricky English grammar questions! She is fantastic at breaking down these difficult questions and giving easy-to-understand (and remember) answers.

I absolutely love this podcast; it brings out the inner geek in me! I had no idea that English had such a fascinating history, and the more I learn the more the crazy spelling and pronunciation rules make sense!

The History of English Podcast

Kevin Stroud

Ever wondered why English spelling and pronunciation is so weird? Look no further than this awesome podcast that delves into the language's history!

If you want to learn more about languages around the world, check this podcast out!

Language Stories

Lindsay Williams

This is a documentary series that Lindsay and her husband did while travelling around the world, focusing on interesting languages and people!



*Please note, this section and the Video/Music section both have affiliated links to Amazon. I only recommend products this way that I have used myself, and which I have found to be useful. (My Disclosure Policy)
I personally am a big fan of the Fluent Forever method that Gabe developed, as well as the app he has created! This book has played a large part in my personal language learning adventures!

Fluent Forever

Gabriel Wyner

Gabriel Wyner created a unique language learning method based on a focus on pronunciation, word association, and spaced-repetition memorization. Check out the book to learn more!

I wouldn't recommend this book for a native English speaker, although it can be beneficial to see what issues Spanish-speakers face when learning English. It helps to highlight how the languages differ, which can prove useful to any language learner.

Inglés Para Dummies

Gail Brenner

This is a good resource for Spanish speakers trying to learn English! The "Para Dummies" series ("For Dummies") does a good job of breaking down the main concepts and providing interesting examples and explanations.

I got this book as part of a really difficult English class, and I've used it ever since. When I was a proposal writer, this book was one of the reference books I kept on my desk.

The Elements of Style

William Strunk Jr. and E. B. White

This book is my go-to reference in English writing! It is a bit academic, but it has a lot of good tips, explanations and clarifications regarding writing, grammar and composition.

Videos and Music

Videos and Music
The videos have interesting clips, albeit they can be a bit lengthy.

Aprender Inglés Americano


YouTube, Language Learning

This YouTube series is in Spanish, for Spanish-speakers of all levels looking to learn English.

I really like this CD; it's just fun to listen to! I also love that the songs are sung in both English and Spanish, within the same track - I think that helps you to learn the language much more easily than if you had to constantly switch between different tracks to figure out the equivalent verbiage of a song. If you have Spotify, you can find the entire thing there!

GoGo Lingo

GoGo Lingo

Music CD

This CD is a fun way to teach your kids Spanish! Instead of traditional songs, GoGo Lingo has created fun and humorous, even a little hip!, songs that are sung in both English and Spanish.

These videos are short and interesting, perfect for learners.

Easy English

Easy Languages

YouTube, Language Learning

This video series is part of the Easy Language YouTube series. These videos have easy-to-read subtitles and are geared towards English learners.

Baby Boom Boom's website has a lot of cool language resources for different languages, from Spanish, French, German, Chinese  and even Welsh! (You can find many of their CD albums on Spotify!)

English and Spanish CD

Baby Boom Boom

Music CD

This CD has fun, traditional English nursery rhymes for kids, as well as the Spanish version. It's a great way to teach your child Spanish


Marissa is a very animated and very detail-oriented language learner and studier. I definitely recommend checking her site out!

Relearn a Language

Marissa Blaszko

Blog, Language Learning

Marissa has a lot of great resources (and many are free!), and she really dives into her topics.

I really love Gabe's website; before he created the app, I spent many hours looking through his free resources and other resource suggestions for various languages!

Fluent Forever

Gabriel Wyner

Website, App, Language Learning

Gabriel Wyner created a unique language learning method based on a focus in pronunciation, word association, and spaced-repetition memorization. His website is full of great language learning resources (for multiple languages!).

A musician as well as a polyglot, Shannon hosts the Women in Language conference (with Kerstin and Lindsay with The Fluent Show). These ladies have really influenced my life, for the better! :D


Shannon Kennedy

Blog, Language Learning

Shannon's blog is full of language-learning resources!

Grammar Girl is one of my go-to resources for grammar help! She also has a podcast, which I've only just started listening to. :)

Quick and Dirty Tips

Grammar Girl (Mignon Fogarty)

Blog, English Grammar

Grammar Girl is a fantastic resource whenever you have tricky English grammar questions! She is fantastic at breaking down these difficult questions and giving easy-to-understand (and remember) answers.

Other Resources
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